Celebrating, Sharing & Evaluating Your Curriculum

Finally! You have a real product - a project leader publication, an online video for early adolescents, a DVD designed to help entrepreneurs comply with Michigan’s cottage food law, a notebook for Master Gardeners, a series of fact sheets on evaluating gestational group sow housing options. Now is the time to move ahead with distributing information about your curriculum to potential audiences and to train targeted audiences on how to put your material to work. This section includes information on tools designed to help you promote your materials, provide high-quality curriculum training, and connect your material to the web. It also reminds you of the importance of having a plan to do a stop action in the future to assess whether any changes are needed in your materials. This section includes the following:

Tool 25: Designing a Promotion Plan - This tool helps you identify ways to reach a variety of audiences to let them know about the value of your curriculum material and how to access it. It also includes a connection to Tool 25a: Promoting MSU Extension Curriculum Materials Worksheet to help you think through this process.

Tool 26: Designing Curriculum Training - This tool provides tips for designing a curriculum training that uses and models experiential learning to inform others about how to put your curriculum to work.

Tool 27: Connecting Your Curriculum to the Web - This tool gives hints on ways to use the web to help you reference, pilot, market, and update your curriculum, and to train and inform people about the benefits the curriculum provides.

• Assessing the Long-Term Need for Change - Of course, the curriculum development journey never really ends! You will want to design a plan to revisit your curriculum after a period of use by the intended audiences so you can determine what kinds of changes might be needed to keep it current, relevant, and dynamic.

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