Creating the Framework

As you move into the development of curriculum for a particular content area, it’s wonderful to have a head full of creative ideas for what you think the curriculum could be. However, it’s important to put time and energy into the conceptual development and research behind what a curriculum should be. This section includes information on tools designed to help you do just that, and the section includes worksheets that need to be submitted with your initial proposal for development of a new curriculum. This section includes the following:

 Tool 3: Identifying the Need for Your Material and Defining Your Audience - This tool provides information on potential settings to consider as you move ahead and the potential audiences involved in those various settings. It also provides an overview of conducting a needs assessment and includes a connection to Tool 3a: Sample Needs Assessment.

Tool 4: Creating Goals and Objectives - This tool focuses on the why and how of creating goals and objectives that can help guide your project’s content. It also provides a connection to Tool 4a: Curriculum Project Goals and Objectives Worksheet.

Tool 5: Conducting a Materials Search - This tool helps you consider ways to scan the horizon to see what materials already exist around the curriculum need you’ve identified.

Tool 6: Developing a Curriculum Project Budget - This tool helps you identify the obvious - and not so obvious - components to include on the budget for your curriculum project. It also provides a connection to Tool 6a: Curriculum Project Budget Worksheet.

Tool 7: Estimating Curriculum Project Staff Time - This tool helps you identify all the "players" in the development of your project and how much time each might contribute. It also provides a connection to Tool 7a: Curriculum Project Staff Time Worksheet.

Tool 8: Creating a Project Timeline - This tool helps you forecast the overall timeline for the completion of your project, including the time involved with the conceptual development and research, drafting, review and piloting, production, and marketing and training. It also includes a connection to Tool 8a: Curriculum Project Timeline Worksheet.

Tool 9: Guidelines for Using HRPP in Curriculum Development - This tool helps you consider whether you need to get human subjects approval from the MSU Human Research Protection Program for any aspects of the development of your curriculum.

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