Gathering Input & Moving to Final Production

As you move along the curriculum development journey, you’re now entering a very exciting aspect of your project - the point where others can provide specific feedback on the curriculum you’ve developed. This section includes information on tools designed to help you work smoothly with reviewers and pilot audiences, so that you can use their knowledge and expertise to strengthen your product. The section also includes tips for working with some of the curriculum development specialists who can help guarantee that your product is the best it can be. This section includes the following:

• Working With Reviewers - Involve experts in reviewing your curriculum, including youth development specialists, volunteer development specialists, content specialists and others.

• Designing Your Pilot Process - Request feedback from the people who represent audiences that will use your final curriculum product, including program participants, Extension staff, volunteers, and audiences from other settings you’ve identified.

The following tools provide hints for working with some of the curriculum development and production specialists who might be involved with your project:

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